As of March 2008, you can now download a Mac OS X package (graphviz-2.20.3.pkg) that will install a Universal Binary version for Leopard. I'm now working closely with AT&T to bring the Graphviz GUI up-to-date, thanks for your patience.

Release History
Version Date Changes Files
1.13 (v16) 23 August 2004
  • Improved font searching [RSc].
  • Fixed labels with blank lines sometimes failing to render [HDi].
  • Fixed bitmap formats sometimes not showing in export dialog [HDr].
  • Tracked main build of 23 August.
dmg (1.4M)
tgz (1.2M)
zip (1.3M)
1.13 (v15) 17 August 2004
  • Fixed bitmaps sometimes exporting as text files [ADe].
  • Fixed slowdown in non-Quicktime formats for v14.
  • Fixed relative shapefiles not resolving through the GUI (working directory not set).
  • Removed viewport debug messages.
  • Removed non-functioning pages menu.
  • Improved integration with external editors (file type TEXT) [MKe].
  • Reduced download size (dead-stripped code).
  • Tracked main build of 12 August.
dmg (1.4M)
tgz (1.2M)
zip (1.3M)
1.13 (v14) 18 July 2004
  • Added New menu command [JJa].
  • Added selection of external editor [MKe].
  • Added viewport & dpi support.
  • Added online resources to Help menu.
  • Fixed non-ASCII chars not displaying [RPi].
  • Improved about box.
  • Reduced download size (shrunk manuals).
  • Tracked main build of 11 July.
dmg (1.4M)
tgz (1.2M)
zip (1.3M)
1.13 (v13) 27 June 2004
  • Added drawer and zoom menu commands [DWa, NRi].
  • Added smart window zooming [NRi].
  • Added shapefile support.
  • Added UTF-8 support [RSc].
  • Added cvtgxl, gvpack and gvpr tools [BSw].
  • Fixed page setup then close unexpectedly invoking save dialog [PRo].
  • HTML-like labels now work on 10.2 (use embedded expat instead of libxml2).
  • Improved internal frameworks (added headers, consolidated dylibs).
  • Tracked main build of 23 June.
dmg (2.0M)
tgz (1.8M)
zip (1.9M)
1.12 (v12) 17 May 2004
  • Added layout option tooltips [NRi].
  • Fixed layout popup button changing wrong graph [MKe].
  • Clicking on warning icon now opens Activity window [NRi, AM].
  • Revert menu item now disabled [NRi].
dmg (1.0M)
tgz (881K)
zip (955K)
1.12 (v11) 16 May 2004
  • Fixed some comprehensive help [NRi].
  • Fixed scale option placeholder [NRi].
  • Improved application and document icons.
  • Example files now double-click to open in application.
dmg (1.02M)
tgz (880K)
zip (954K)
1.12 (v10) 15 May 2004
  • Added new application and document icons.
  • Added comprehensive help.
  • Fixed changes not affecting graph size displaying incorrectly [BTr].
  • Fixed export then close crashing the export of an open window.
  • Improved shadowed frame for graph [NRi].
  • Improved status display [NRi].
  • Changed sources to pure BSD license.
dmg (1.0M)
tgz (881K)
zip (955K)
1.12 (v9) 13 May 2004
  • Added shadowed frame for graph [NRi].
  • Added no-scroll panning.
  • Added layout guides and tool manuals [MCr].
  • Added remember of export format.
  • Fixed broken export [MKe].
  • Fixed key equivalents crashing after window closed [BHo].
  • Fixed unchanged settings being remembered.
  • Changed some menus [PCh, NRi].
  • Improved settings display [NRi].
  • Improved status display [NRi].
  • Improved activity display [NRi].
dmg (1.0M)
tgz (871K)
zip (936K)
1.12 (v8) 10 May 2004
  • Added edit, render and stop toolbar items [PCh].
  • Added integrated font and color fields and panels.
  • Added hand cursor panning [AM].
  • Added autocomplete for most fields [NRi].
  • Added support for user defaults (“Remember Settings” menu command, command line arguments to GUI) [JSc, RPa].
  • Fixed click on popup menu unexpectedly selecting “...” [AM].
  • Fixed small zooms sometimes preventing full scrolling [DJu].
  • Fixed allowing fonts starting with "." to be selected [NRi].
  • Fixed transparent backgrounds rendering opaque in bitmap output.
  • Fixed width or height > 32767 pixels unexpectedly cropping bitmap output [AM].
  • Improved toolbar interaction.
  • Improved settings descriptions and tooltips.
dmg (911K)
tgz (779K)
zip (825K)
1.12 (v7) 26 Apr 2004
  • Added application icon.
  • Added services menu.
  • Added keyboard navigation in view [NRi].
  • Revamped settings interaction (editable popup menus vs. comboboxes) [SSu, NRi].
  • Fixed HTML-like labels not rendering when > 510 chars [RSc].
  • Tracked main build of 22 Apr 2004.
dmg (882K)
tgz (753K)
zip (797K)
1.12 (v6) 16 Apr 2004
  • Added multigraph output for PDF.
  • HTML-like labels now work in 10.3 (libxml2 parser) [RSc].
  • Fixed multiline labels breaking up graph in v5 [RSc].
  • Fixed color spilling to edges in v5 [JVi].
  • Fixed crash on undefined shape.
  • Fixed tool version strings [RSc].
  • Improved settings combobox interaction [NRi].
  • Tracked main build of 13 Apr 2004.
dmg (840K)
tgz (710K)
zip (756K)
1.12 (v5) 4 Apr 2004
  • Added bcomps tool.
  • Zooming and resizing now centered and reversible [PCh].
  • Fixed line widths not thickening (implement setlinewidth) [MKe].
  • Fixed rightmost/topmost labels missing on very wide/tall graphs [425, GMa].
  • Fixed inconsistent text measurement between formats.
  • Speeded up tool response for non-Quicktime formats [DJu].
  • Tracked main build of 3 Apr 2004.
dmg (837K)
tgz (706K)
zip (750K)
1.10 (v4) 23 Feb 2004
  • Added re-rendering when file is modified on 10.3 (kqueue thread) [JSc].
  • Added CLI tools: gc, gvcolor, acyclic, nop, ccomps, sccmap, tred, unflatten and dijkstra.
  • Added agraph library.
  • Fixed open, close and reopen sometimes causing a crash (remove observers during dealloc) [SSe].
  • Speeded up tool response (prebound on 10.3).
  • Tracked main build of 21 Feb 2004.
dmg (810K)
tgz (684K)
zip (727K)
1.10 (v3) 25 Jan 2004
  • Added circo layout.
  • Added printing.
  • Added live zooming.
  • Added error checking during rendering e.g. missing fonts.
  • Fixed large zooms causing some graphs to disappear, e.g. [SSu].
  • Fixed initial blank lines causing graph to render very small, e.g. [JJa].
  • Fixed scale stepper not working [SSu].
  • Fixed Help menu reading “NewApplication” [MCr].
  • Fixed activity window not updating color with large amount of output.
  • Speeded up graph display (opaque view, inhibit image cacheing).
  • Improved activity window display.
dmg (757K)
tgz (632K)
zip (658K)
1.10 (v2) 18 Jan 2004
  • Fixed version strings & creator codes.
  • Tracked main build of 14 Jan 2004.
  • Public beta release.
dmg (741K)
tgz (620K)
zip (647K)
1.10 (v1) 14 Jan 2004
  • Private beta release.

You can also download the sources from the Graphviz development site. Graphviz is open source and the binaries here are freeware, however a donation would be appreciated!

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