Graphviz 2.20.3

The Macintosh port of the automated graph layout software, featuring a new document-based GUI, export to PDF and many more bitmap formats, full alpha transparency, native font and shapefile support and anti-aliasing.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, take Graphviz to the next level with our new product, Instaviz. We are now available on the App Store! Instaviz uses advanced shape recognition to turn your finger sketches into beautiful Graphviz graphs.


Graphviz 1.12 (v11) won Best Mac OS X Open Source Product and was runner-up in Best Product to Mac OS X in the 2004 Apple Design Awards.

With AT&T Graphviz, you don’t figure out the graph, the program does. Using a simple file format called dot, just describe which nodes should connect to which other nodes. Then the sophisticated layout routines quickly render it into many different output formats.

You get these distinctives with the Mac OS X version:

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Apple Design Award - Best Product New to Mac OS X - 2004 Runner-Up
Apple Design Award - Best Open Source - 2004 Winner