The pale-faced open source programmer is about to go extinct. Its natural habitat of budget web sites, CVS repositories, fast CPUs and GNU compiler tools are being eroded by unfettered commercialism. Meanwhile, poor daddy programmer has to bear with his little hungry chicks crying, “cheap! cheap!” What can any one user do?

Seriously, folks. Graphviz will always be free, but it costs to be free. Please donate some money towards the time and thought it took to create this work. We need to cover the running of the website as well.

How much should you donate? Even $5 would be appreciated. On the other hand, Froogle tells me the other graph packages retail for much more: Visio and Smartdraw are $200 each, and Omnigraffle is $60. Do the math.

You too can rescue a programmer today!

Special thanks to our top donors: Peter Loats, Mitch Keller and Owen Densmore.

Tue, 17 Aug 2004. © Pixelglow Software.
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